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Bachelor in Engineering (BEngg) B.Sc CSE/ Diploma in CSE from any reputed University/ Institution.
Society for Social Service (SSS)
Bachelor in Engineering (BEngg) in Electrical Diploma in Engineering in Electrical Selected ...
Akij Group
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Diploma in Engineering
Jakson International Limited
Diploma in Engineering in Mechanical Engineering Bachelor in Engineering (BEngg) in Mechanical ...
World Renowned Equipment Supplier for Security and Audio Systems
Diploma in Engineering Bachelor in Engineering (BEngg) Bachelor degree in any ...
ICT Euro Ltd.
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Diploma in Engineering
A Reputed IT Company
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Engineering Diploma in Engineering in Computer ...
Diploma in automobile engineering/B.Sc with extensive experience (Educational qualification and age ...
Greenland Technologies Limited
Diploma in Engineering Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in MKT Diploma in ...
Christian Service Society (CSS)
5 years experience in diploma-in-engineering along with teaching in any technology or 3 years ...

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